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Zanu-PF propaganda: Tsvangirai urged to resign

7 years ago | 9874 Views

The state controlled media house claim that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been aged to step down as a leader due to several sexual escapades.

According to Zbc News bulletin today, political analysts have described Tsvangirai as an irresponsible leader who is not fit to occupy the office of the Premier.

Gabriel Chaibva, a political analyst told Zbc that Tsvangirai should resign because he cannot be trusted to lead Zimbabwe.

"The Premier should just tender his resignation with an immediate effect. His sexcapades have revealed the type of a leader that he really is and what kind of lessons can the nation draw from such a man," said Chaibva.

Elizabeth Macheka has been described as 'the real choice' in an advert in one of the local daily newspapers inviting members of the public to come to Mr Tsvangirai's wedding.

No women's rights groups have condemned Tsvangirai's actions.

But church leader, Johannes Ndanga said the Prime Minister's behaviour is deplorable and is a bad example to the youth.

"This is humiliating for a man of his stature, he should resign immediately," he said.

The Prime Minister is set to wed Miss Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday.

However, the wedding has been dogged by legal fights with Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo losing a court battle to stop the wedding.

A South African woman, Nosipo Shilubane has also challenged the Premier claiming she is engaged to him.

Other women who have been involved with the Premier are Loretta Nyathi, and Aquillina Pamberi.

Tsvangirai's first wife, Susan died in a road accident in 2009.
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Anonymous user 7 years
...some have killed countless lives and still hold office nxaah. Siyanayi naMorgan.
Anonymous user 7 years
You too you do same thing there is no man in earth who does not go for woman manga lawo
Anonymous user 7 years
akelimtshiye umuntu wenkosi, liyafanana lonke. okwenu kubalwa ngubani

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